Subject: Isolated Power Supply | HMI Demo | Fuel Gauge | RFPAL
Date: 2016-06-18 12:00:00

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June 18, 2016
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Isolated Power Supply | HMI Demo | Fuel Gauge | RFPAL

Design Resources

Isolated Power Supply with Pre-Qualified Transformers

MAXREFDES111#: Isolated 24V to 5V 2W Flyback Power Supply Next in our new series of isolated, industrial power-supply reference designs is this isolated, 24V to 5V, 2W, flyback power supply. The design delivers 79% peak efficiency and provides up to 400mA (plus 20% overhead) at 5V output. Multiple transformers have been qualified for this design, simplifying transformer selection. Through-hole pins allow quick and easy integration with your system. This compact power solution can be used in many different power applications, such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), industrial sensors, telecom power supplies, isolated battery chargers, servers, and embedded computing.

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Smart Force Sensor Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Demo

Smart Force Sensor Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Demo Traditional touchscreens are fragile and don't work well when wearing gloves. Our rugged, smart force sensor reference design measures mass and center of mass to provide location and downward force of the touch input in harsh environments. Watch a demo of our new concept for industrial human-machine interfaces. MAXREFDES82 is a low power design that works reliably in harsh environments where gloves may be required and glass is not allowed.

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New Products

Prevent Battery Pack Cloning

MAX17211 Functional Diagram Ultra-Low Power, Stand-Alone Fuel Gauge with SHA-256 Authentication

Our ultra-low power, pack-side fuel gauge IC monitors a single-cell pack. The patented ModelGauge m5 algorithm ensures accuracy without the need for battery characterization.

  • Patented ModelGauge m5 algorithm provides industry-leading accuracy to maximize run-time
  • Secure SHA-256 authentication with a 160-bit secret key prevents clone battery packs
  • 1-Wire® interface provides access to data and control registers
  • EZ configuration eliminates battery characterization for many types of cells
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Fourth Generation Fully Adaptive RF PA Linearization in a Single IC

SC2200 Block Diagram Dual RF Power Amplifier Linearizer (RFPAL)

This dual-path linearizer is a fully-adaptive, RFIN/RFOUT pre-distortion linearization solution optimized for a wide range of amplifiers, power levels, and communication protocols.

  • Supports 2G to 4G (FDD and TDD) from 698MHz to 2700MHz and signal BW from 60MHz down to 1.2MHz
  • Integrated RFIN/RFOUT solution and mirrored footprint simplify system design
  • Very low power operation (1.95W/1.5W) reduces system power consumption
  • Requires no algorithm development reducing design costs and time to market
  • Small package (11mmx11mm QFN) is 8 times smaller than competing DPD solutions
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Application Notes and Technical Articles

Choose the Right Regulator for the Job: Part 1, Regulator Control Schemes

It can be a daunting task for an engineer responsible for all aspects of a complex board to choose the optimum regulator for a particular point of load. This article is part 1 of a 3-part series on power regulators. It focuses on regulator control schemes, especially voltage mode (VM) and current mode (CM) control. It reviews the duty cycle and load usage for these modes and suggests applications for each.

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LTE-Advanced Release-12 Shapes New eNodeB Transmitter Architecture (Part 2)

Analog integration plays an important role in addressing new challenges faced by LTE-Advanced radio engineers. RF analog integration is essential for overcoming radio integration challenges in 4G base stations. This article presents advancements in RF analog integration and disruptive radio architectures that can help engineers successfully overcome the integration challenge.

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